Special Issue on Cognitive and Learning Processes for Transition to Design for Sustainability

AIEDAM Special Issue, Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 2019

Guest Editors: Serge Rohmer, Tatiana Reyes, Nadège Troussier, Nada Matta

Sustainable Development requires transition in society and engineering values and practices. Design for Sustainability (DfS) is a means for sustainable development deployment and requires to make both society and engineers values and practices evolves. Cognitive and learning processes studies for transition to DfS are then of most importance to reach sustainable development. Currently, there are different studies that deal with these aspects considering as same as sustainability rules, production requirements, society habits, and economy needs.

This issue deals with research studies and cognitive and learning processes for DfS from engineering, companies, consumer, society, point of views. Its aims is to gather:

  • Empirical and experimental studies,
  • Foundational theories,
  • Learning methods and tools,

Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Knowledge management and sharing techniques and methods
  • Knowledge based engineering for sustainable development
  • Cognitive studies of learning processes
  • Learning processes and cognitive processes for engineering and design for sustainability
  • Learning paradigm to change even design actors, consumer and society
  • Learning processes and cognitive processes which contribute to paradigm change for design for sustainability
  • User integrated design and learning in action processes
  • Measurement of the learning processes, evolution of practices …

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers. The selection for publication would be made on the basis of these reviews.

Information about the format and style required for AIEDAM papers, as well as about submission, can be found at: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/ai-edam/information/instructions-contributors

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  • On Step 5 (Details & comments): Select "Design for Sustainability - Vol.33/2" for "Special Issue Name".
Important dates:
Intend to submit (Title & Abstract):As soon as possible
Submission deadline for full papers:5 Mar 2018
Reviews due:1 May 2018
Notification & reviews due to authors:30 June 2018
Revised version submission deadline:31 August 2018
Second round of reviews due:15 October 2018
Final version due:15 November 2018
Issue Appears:April 2019
Guest editors:
Prof Serge RohmerProf Nada MattaProf Tatiana Reyes CarrilloProf Nadège TROUSSIER
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Email: <serge.rohmer@utt.fr>Email:nada.matta@utt.frEmail: tatiana.reyes_carrillo@utt.frnadege.troussier@utt.fr