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Numerical Simulations

Finite Element Modelling for Non-Linear Explicit Dynamic Analysis

Drop-Weight Impact Testing

Progressive Dynamic Buckling of a Steel Hat-Section under Axial Impact Loading

CAE-Driver Design and Prototyping

Lightweight Electric Vehicles


About us

The CAR Lab has been involved with cutting edge research on design of automotive systems, computer aided engineering in product design, impact safety design, lightweight electric vehicles, computational bio-mechanics for design of medical implants and blast protection simulation. Past graduates and employees of the present lab have been employed with internationally known industries such as Rolls Royce, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, General Electric, General Motors, John Deere, Eaton, TVS, etc., reputed engineering institutes, and foreign universities as post doctoral fellows.

Research Interests

> Vehicle Crashworthiness and Occupant Safety; Pedestrian Safety; Impact Modeling and Testing; Behavior of Lightweight Materials under Impact Loading

> Design of Automotive Systems; Design and Prototyping of Lightweight Electric Vehicles; Practical Multidisciplinary (Vehicle) Design Optimization (MDO) involving NVH, Durability, Vehicle Dynamics, Vehicle Crash Safety, etc.

> Integrated Multi-Physics Approach to IC Engine Design; Lumped Parameter Modeling of Vehicle Suspension Systems; Explicit Nonlinear Dynamic Finite Element (FE) Modeling of Wheel Bearings

> Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) in Design; Constitutive Modeling

> CAE-Driven Design of Medical Implants

Current Members

Dr Anindya Deb, FNAE, SAE Fellow
Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM)
Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
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Mr Jagadesh, Project Associate
Ms Karthika, PhD Student
Mr Prasanth Bawa, PhD Student
Mr Ragav Krishna, M. Tech (Research) Student
Mr Sanketh, PhD Student
Mr Sumanth Badiger, Project Associate
Mr Vivek Sharma, PhD Student



CAE Predictions


Vehicle Crash Simulations To predict injury and to help in design of vehicle structures

simulation 1

simulation 2

Component Level Testing: Correlated with experimental results

Vehicle Design and Prototyping

simulation 3

Lightweight Electric Vehicle Design & Prototyping To predict injury and to help in design of vehicle structures

simulation 4

Human Body Modelling for Biomedical & Crash Injury Prediction:

Testing Setups


In-house Testing Facilities: (1) High Speed Camera (upto 2,50,000 fps); (2) Versatile Impact Testing Rig; (3) Drop-Weight Impact Testing Tower (DWITT); (4) Universal Testing Machine; (5) Ballistic Impact Testing Setup


Selected Recent Publications

1. Gowda, S., Deb, A., Kurnool, G., Chou, C. (2017), "Prediction of behavior of adhesively bonded steel hat section components under axial impact loading", SAE Technical Paper No. 17SS - 0630.

2. Deb A., Chou C., Srinivas G., Gowda S. (2016), "Behavior of Adhesively Bonded Steel Double Hat-Section Components under Axial Quasi-Static and Impact Loading”, SAE Technical Paper No. 2016-01-0395.

3. Gunti R. Srinivas, Anindya Deb, Malhar N. Kumar, Goutham Kurnool (2016), “Long term effects of segmental lumbar spinal fusion on adjacent healthy discs – A finite element study”, Asian Spine Journal, No. 10(2):205-214.

4. Deb, A., Srinivas, G. R., Chou, C., Dutta, U. (2016), “Use of Truncated Finite Element Modeling for Efficient Design Optimization of an Automotive Front End Structure”, SAE Technical Paper No. 2015-01-0496.

5. Deb, A., Srinivas, G. R., Chou, C., (2016), “Development of a Practical Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO) Process for Vehicle Body Design”, SAE Technical Paper No. 2016-01-1537.

6. Srinivas, G. R., Deb, A., Chou, C., Malhar Kumar (2016), “A Methodology for Prediction of Periprosthetic Injuries in Occupants with TKR Implants in Vehicle Crashes”, SAE Technical Paper No. 2016-01-1529.

7.Singh, A., Deb, A., Mensi, A., and Gunti, R. (2015), "A Unified CAE Framework for Assessing an IC Engine Design," SAE Technical Paper 2015-01-1664, 2015, doi:10.4271/2015-01-1664.

8. Mittal, A., Deb, A. and Chou, C. (2015), “A Study into the Mechanical Behavior of Adhesively-Bonded Jute Fiber-Reinforced Composite”, SAE International Journal of Materials & Manufacturing, 8(2), pp.516-522.

9. Haorongbam, B., Deb, A., and Chou, C. (2013), "Numerical Prediction of Dynamic Progressive Buckling Behaviors of Single-Hat and Double-Hat Steel Components under Axial Loading," SAE Int. J. Trans. Safety 1(1):114-126.

10. Mache, A. and Deb, A. (2013), "A Comparative Study on the Axial Impact Performance of Jute and Glass Fiber-Based Composite Tubes," SAE Technical Paper No. 2013-01-1178.

11. Gunti Ranga Srinivas, Anindya Deb, Malhar N. Kumar (2013), “A study on polyethylene stresses in mobile-bearing and fixed-bearing total knee arthroplasty using explicit finite element analysis.. Journal of Long-Term Effects of Medical Implants”, 23(4): 275–283.

12. Deb, Anindya, and Joshi, Divyanshu (2012), “A Study on Ride Comfort Assessment of Multiple Occupants using Lumped Parameter Analysis”, SAE Technical Paper No. 2012-01-0053.

13. Deb, A., Chou, C., Dutta, U., and Gunti, S. (2012), "Practical Versus RSM-Based MDO in Vehicle Body Design," SAE Int. J. Passeng. Cars - Mech. Syst. 5(1):110-119.


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