Design Synthesis

Engineering design synthesis is considered as a fundamental subset of the process of engineering design that helps in the transformation of function into alternative, creative structures that can satisfy the function. Many researchers consider engineering design synthesis as a central area of design research. Earlier work in this area can be categorised under one or more of the following questions: What is engineering design synthesis?

Several researchers have defined engineering design synthesis. The definitions are often overlapping and comprise: synthesis as designing, synthesis as problem solving, synthesis as design solution generation, synthesis as design problem and solution generation and synthesis as exploration, which together comprise the processes of task formulation, design representation, composition, design generation, design interpretation and re-interpretation, design evaluation, search and optimization. How is engineering design synthesis currently done carried out?

This involves understanding several theories, models and approaches proposed earlier for engineering design synthesis. This understanding serves as the basis for the improvement of engineering design synthesis. How to support design synthesis?

Based on an understanding of how engineering design synthesis is performed, guidelines, methods, tools, etc. are developed and evaluated to better support engineering design synthesis.

Design Creativity

Design Creativity is the ability to identify, visualize and interpret a problem in unusual and interesting ways and to synthesise and develop novel and interesting ideas and solutions. Our research led to the development of: (1) a common definition of creativity that provided an overarching view of what were reflected variously in the myriad definitions by earlier authors, (2) a set of empirically validated measures for the two crucial components of technical creativity , novelty and usefulness , and their relationships to creativity, and (3) the major factors that influence design creativity. A major observational study undertaken discovered that only four fundamental search processes occurred in engineering design, irrespective of what design problems are solved, by whom, and whether individually or in teams.

Design Synthesis and Creativity

Space Mechanisms

All Terrain Vehicles

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Micro and Nano Systems

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Design Synthesis and Creativity

A Computational Aid for Developing Novel Mechanisms with Inspiration from Nature (ISRO, India)

Systematic conceptual design and demonstrator (table top) model development for a Lunar Vehicle (mobility system) using biomimetics software IDEA INSPIRE (ISRO, India)

Developing a Customised Version of Idea-Inspire (IMI-Vision, UK)

Design Synthesis and Creativity

SAPPhIRE Model of Causality

GEMS of SAPPhIRE Model of Designing

GEMS of SAPPhIRE Framework for Designing

Idea Inspire Software

Theory of Functional Reasoning

FuncSION Software

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Design Synthesis and Creativity

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