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Idea Sustain

IDEA-SUSTAIN is a computer aid based on a patented impact estimation and rational capture technology to help designers develop environmentally friendly product lifecycles by supporting synthesis in product development on a commercial CAD workspace, while also aiding automated capture of the rationale behind the decisions for retrieval during design, and supporting environmental impact analysis of product proposals created by automatically extracting information already stored while designing and asking for other information required to model the lifecycle, with minimal extra effort from the designer. It uses a novel method for uncertainty reasoning to estimate the level of confidence on the impact value owing to the incompleteness in information available. The estimation is possible at component, assembly or product levels, for a single lifecycle phase or for multiple phases. It also helps in comparing different lifecycle proposals under uncertainty. Empirical studies demonstrated significant reduction in impacts on the environment for product life cycles designed using IDEA-SUSTAIN compared to those designed using existing commercial tools.

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