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Govind Sharma

Areas of Interest

Industrial/product Design
Packaging/toy Design
Interaction Design
Design Research & methodology

About me

I am an industrial designer pursuing Masters of Design from CPDM, IISc Bangalore. Being moulded with mechanical engineering backbone, a thorough study of users, products & their interaction has converted me into an insightful designer. Trained in CPDM, I have developed firm roots of problem identification, conceptualization & prototyping with an essence of functionality as well as aesthetics. I am always ready to take challenges & learning new things. I keep myself honest with the problem and intended users. In short it converges my designs towards thoughtful as well as sensible endings.



+91 - 8277079718


1. Design, development & fabrication of an electric auto-rickshaw.
2. Design, development & fabrication of portable small distance electric vehicle.
3. Design, development & fabrication of walking toys using passive energy source.
4. Design for technology of a tracking device for Alzh

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