November 3, 2017

SAMARTH Udyog Charter

Financial Details**

Mandated guidelines for CEFC under SAMARTH Udyog


  1. Awareness campaigns on Industry 4.0
  2. Training for Master Trainers
  3. Active Participation Provisions for Start-up/ incubators
  4. Hand-holding of SMEs to plan and implement relevant Industry 4.0 projects to be done through consultancy services on chargeable basis
  5. Collaborating with neighbourhood Universities for student training/internship programmes
  6. Involving industry in SPV membership model for sustainability
  7. Participating in a Government formed platform for Industry 4.0 on common agenda
  8. To make adequate provisions for e-waste management
  9. Involving as many clusters of Capital Goods as possible

Samarth Udyog