July 28, 2020

What we offer?

The mandate of the CEFC is to deliver the following:

  • Create awareness, training & education programs for future leaders of manufacturing.
  • Develop testbeds for exploring & demonstrating factories & technologies for Industry 4.0.
  • Develop smart technologies and solutions for large, medium, small and micro enterprises.
  • Develop research capability for developing future technologies for Industry 4.0.
  • Support creation and nurture of start-ups in the area of Industry 4.0.

Specific activities are given below:

  • Awareness Programmes
    1. Monthly COVID-19 webinars
    2. Monthly Adv Design & Mfg Webinars
    3. Monthly Virtual Tours of IISc Smart Factory
    4. Monthly Physical Tours of Factory

  • Training/Education
    1. MTech in Smart Manufacturing
    2. PhD in Advanced Manufacturing
    3. Industrial Training Programmes in Smart and Advanced Manufacturing

  • Developing Smart Technologies and Solutions
    1. R&D with enterprise partners
    2. Solutions for/with MSMEs
    3. Collaborative Research

  • Rental of Equipment/facility
    1. Rental of individual machines, e.g. 3D Metal Additive, CNC etc.
    2. Getting parts made on these machines
    3. Getting hands-on training on these machines

  • Start-up Support
    1. Supporting startups in trying out their solutions on IISc smart factory platforms
    2. Creating new startups at IISc Smart Factory