To conduct high-quality research for socio-economic impact and systemic transformation of the built environment while making fundamental contributions to understanding human behaviour, decision making, design, and cognition and computing.

About the Lab

The Lab was established in the summer of 2020 with the objective to focus on interdisciplinary applied research into the built environment and fundamental research into design, cognition, and computing.

Our research into the built environment seeks to break down the silos between architecture, engineering, construction, and property and real estate. Consequently, our research takes a systemic and holistic view of the built environment ecosystem to facilitate Innovation and Management of Property, Architectural, and Construction Technologies (IMPACT). This holistic view not only deals with the engineering and technical issues but also accounts for aesthetic, ergonomic, social, and business aspects of the built environment.


The research draws upon systems thinking, design thinking, and computational thinking to focus on interdependencies and interfaces between products, processes, people, and policies. Consequently, the group’s research is inherently multidisciplinary, building on theories and models from diverse fields such as arts and design, engineering and technology, computing and information systems, psychology and behavioural sciences, linguistics, management studies and strategy, and business and economics.

The research also seeks a close interaction between research, teaching, and practice, seeking applied and fundamental research advancements.

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