Want to solve a real healthcare problem?

Become a medical device entrepreneur!

Innovate in elderly care and Med-Tech

(Diagnostics, Monitoring and Rehabilitation)

Learn how to identify the right problem to solve, quickly create prototype, get clinical feedback, make business plan.

Go to Define


Videos of curated problems will be shared with the participants to understand problems in real-life situations and to define a unmet need.

Go to Design


Come up with a succinct problem statement and conceptualize multiple possible solution.

Go to Develop


Build a working prototype using various electronic development kits, 3D design and printing facilities, mechanical hardware tools etc.

Go to Deliver


Finish the prototype, develop its business model and regulatory clearance pathway for an holistic solution to the unmet need in the final presentation.

The Reason
Medical devices development is a complex process involving inter-disciplinary skills & a development cycle longer than products in other domains.

ReImagineHealth 2019 Hackathon is a platform to ignite innovation by inculcating a systematic approach from Problem understanding to Prototyping through participation of inter-disciplinary teams, to understand various opportunities &
solution throughput in regulated medical device development process.
THEME : Geriatrics
Visual & Aural

Converging evidence suggests that vision and
hearing loss have additional, cascading
consequences for patients, families, caregivers,
and society: The High Cost of Low Vision by
International Federation on Ageing (IFA)
THEME : Geriatrics
Oral & Dental

Aged care research has shown that better ORAL
and DENTAL health in the elderly leads to:
Better nutrition, Increased Confidence
Better socialization Better communication
Better overall health
THEME : Geriatrics
Urinary & Intestinal

Bowel & Bladder ‘Ease & Control’ Issues
physically, socially and psychologically impact the lives of elders crippling their Quality of Life
Expected Outcomes

We are hopeful that experiences gained in the event will trigger the streak of methodical innovation in aspiring participants to set up successful Medical Device Startups.
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Who should join?

Innovative Thinkers, Creative Designers, Hands-on Makers & Engineers
Doctors and other Healthcare Professionals

You may also qualify for incubation support at MedTech & Geriatric Healthcare Technology Business Incubator, CPDM, IISc

Learn how to identify the right problem to solve, quickly create prototype, get clinical feedback, make business plan. Join for 4-days of intense workout to sow the seeds of your medical device company.

Eligibility: Working professionals – clinicians, engineers, biomedical scientists, as well as final year UG/PG students in any discipline are invited to apply. Proven capability for innovation is essential; prior exposure to medical field is desirable.

Fees: Rs. 500, which covers access to all sessions, course material, basic kit, and working lunch. Only invited participants need to pay the fees.

Participants need to make their own travel arrangements. Limited accommodation is available near IISc on first-come-first serve basis. Partial fee waiver is available for deserving participants.

  • 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th July

  • Diversified

  • Domain Experts

  • Clinicians, Engineers, Designers, Geriatric Social Workers and MedTech Entrepreneurs