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Dibakar Sen


Areas of Interest

Geometric and Topological Modeling
Digital Human Modeling and Posturing
Geometric and Functional Vision Modeling
Natural Behaviour and Grasp Modeling
Kinematic Assembly Modeling
Deployable Antena Mechanisms
Underactuated and Spring Actuated Mechanisms
Pseudo-Spatial Mechanisms and Patterns
Assembly Sequencing
Flexible Assembly, Routing and Harnessing
Feature Based Registration
Statistical Shape Modeling
Haptic Array Systems Design
Mechanism Modeling and Design
Mobility of Smooth Contacting Objects
Design for Additive Manufacturing of Articulation


Applied Ergonomics (PD-231)
Mechanism Design (PD-235)
Geometric Modeling for CAD (ME-294)


+91 - 8022933137
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PhD, IISc, 1997
MSc(Engg), IISc, 1993
BE, REC Durgapur, 1989


1.Telehaptics for Remote Patient Examination (Sponsor: Robert Bosch Centre, IISc)

2.PURAK: Wearable Devices for Distal Arm Functionality Rehabilitation (Sponsor: Wellcome Trust, UK) [with Dr. M. Thompson, Prof. Mary Mathew, Prof. B. Gurumoorthy, Prof. Alison Noble]

3.Digital Human Modeling for Build Process Simulation (Sponsor: Boeing Co., USA) [with Prof. A. Chakrabarti and Prof. B. Gurumoorthy]

4.Technological Data Analysis for Network Enabled Manufaturing (Sponsor: Boeing Co., USA) [with Prof. A. Chakrabarti and Prof. B. Gurumoorthy]

5.Designed Biomaterial Devices for Limb Salvage Implant for Distal Femur, Proximal Tibia and Proximal Femur (Sponsor: DST) [with Prof. B. Basu, MRC]

6.ICU Simulator (Sponsor: DBT) [with Dr. J.E. Diwakar and Prof. J. H Arakeri]

7.Postoperative Cardiac ICU Simulator for Nurses (Sponsor: Karnataka Govt) [with Dr. J.E. Diwakar and Prof. B. Gurumoorthy]

8.Geriatric Product Development (Sponsor: DST-TIDE Programme) (with Prof. G.K. Ananthasuresh]

9.Direct Solar Lighting System (Sponsor: Design Innovation Centre, CPDM, IISc) [with Prof. A. Chakrabarti]

10.Cotton Picking Device (Sponsor: Design Innovation Centre, CPDM, IISc)


1.K Ramakrishna, D Sen, "Transitory second-order reciprocal connection for two surfaces in point contact", Mechanism and Machine Theory 86, 73-87, 2015.

2.B Santhi, A Chakrabarti, B Gurumoorthy, D Sen, "Identification of Distinct Events in an Assembly by Automatically Tracking Body Postures", ICoRD 2015 - Research into Design Across Boundaries Volume 2, 327-338, 2015.

3.KM Chandran, P Prabhune, D Sen, "Sound Association for Product-Sound Design Using Semiotics", ICoRD 2015 - Research into Design Across Boundaries Volume 1, 491-503, 2015.

4.AK Swain, D Sen, B Gurumoorthy, "Extended liaison as an interface between product and process model in assembly", Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 30 (5), 527-545, 2014.

5.K Ramakrishna, D Sen, "Curvature based mobility analysis and form closure of smooth planar curves with multiple contacts", Mechanism and Machine Theory 75, 131-149, 2014.

6.M Deb, D Sen, "Design of double toggle switching mechanisms", Mechanism and Machine Theory 71, 163-190, 2014.

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