Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (CPDM) is among the most research and technology intensive design and manufacturing schools in India, steeped in the ambience of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. IISc is one of the top institutions in the world, and CPDM is its design and manufacturing face.

CPDM is among very few schools in India that train students in developing and making systemically-complex, technologically-intensive, and socially-impactful solutions that are functional, aesthetic, usable and sustainable. It is among the top design schools in the world that specialise in training development of hardware products, and is among the very best in research into design, ranking alongside design schools and research centres in Stanford, Delft, Cambridge and CMU.

CPDM pursues excellence in teaching, research and industry interaction in the areas of Design and manufacturing. The two-year professional Masters MDes programme is the flagship programme of the Centre. The Centre pursues an active research programme in advanced design and manufacturing, spanning the areas of Design Theory and Methodology, PLM, Human Factors in Design, User Interface Design, Vehicle Design, Technology Integration, Sustainability and Manufacturing, with major applications in Automotive, Aerospace and Biomedical sectors.

The core competence of CPDM lies in the successful amalgamation of research into design and manufacturing (MTech by Research and PhD) and design and manufacturing in practice (MDes).CPDM firmly believes that practitioners and researchers are complementary to one another. While practitioners create products and manufacturing systems to improve the society, researchers develop effective methods and tools for supporting better design and manufacturing.


Pursue excellence in education, research and practice in the areas of design and manufacturing so as to support development of systemically-complex, technologically-intensive and socially-impactful solutions that are functional, aesthetic, usable and sustainable.


Develop professionals in designing products and manufacturing systems that are functional, aesthetic, usable and sustainable; Create leaders who can strengthen existing practice and develop new practice in the areas of design and manufacturing; Develop products and manufacturing systems that can significantly impact the society; Develop knowledge, including methods and tools, to inform and empower practice and education of design and manufacturing.

Salient points about CPDM

Pursue excellence in education, research and industrial interaction in design and manufacturing. 2-Year M.Des. programme to train students with UG degrees in engineering or architecture to conceptualize and engineer products to satisfy societal needs considering functional, aesthetic, ergonomic, materials, manufacturing, cost, sustainability and marketing aspects. Research programme at MTech (Research) and PhD levels - in a variety of research areas, by developing new knowledge as theories, methods or tools for better design and manufacturing.

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