We are here to seize the day.
We mean it, we know it.


Wondering how we gather our strength?

When we aim for the moon
When we make enemies swoon,
When we don’t give up so soon.

So believe us
When we say,

We got fire in our hearts,
Grace in our gait,
Strength in our will,
Resilience to hate.

Ready to face it all.
Can’t take this away.
When we stand tall,
We seize the day.


We are here to make,
create, to partake,
Products, …new and old.
From their initial ideas…
…Until they get sold.

We ideate in solitude, ideate in groups,
Communicate and converse!
Each time getting bolder…
Leave out no stakeholder.

We will think it over in studios
Think it out in our showers.
We’re ready to give…
our 10,000 hours.

We’re here to learn,
and experiences earn,
We’re here…
To burn the midnight oil,
and in failure – recoil!

To churn out designs,
turn out better,
To return our duty,
utterly undeterred.

Won’t get distracted,
won’t take things for granted.
We are waves, we are tides,
‘Ripples’ is where we started.

Now, here at the shore,
nurtured and harboured,
We’re not ships,
we will soar,
astutely armoured.

We won’t forget to have…
our fair share of fun.
Thou assignments…
…shall be done.

We’re here to engage
we’re here to strategize.
We don’t just dream,
we devise, we realize.

We snooze, but we wake up,
we stumble… but we surprise.
We don’t just plan, we produce,
and that is where our secret lies.


We dance around no different

When we land on the moon,
Or just run down into doom,
Coz we don’t give up so soon.

So please wait,
When you see us,

Breaking down to bits…
Pale and still, shattered.
Nearing the end of our wits…
Heart and will, battered.

Ready for it all.
Won’t let it go away.
Even when we fall,
We will seize the day.


Nothing to fear,
our priorities clear.
We mean it, we know it.
Can’t take this away.
Because we’re here…
to seize the day.

It’s not a coincidence
we realized, we show ‘em.
We chant aloud “CPDM”…
…echoing only “Carpe Diem”.

-Jithin Kairamkonda

MDes 2018-20

CPDM-IISc@2016, All rights reserved. Designed and Developed at CPDM by Samrat Sankhya, Amlan Mukerjee and Budhaditya Mitra.