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Samrat Sankhya

Areas of Interest

Product/UX/UI Design,Design Methodology & Research, Human Cognition and Ergonomics,Web/Mobile application design and development.

About me

As a Designer I think about how to 'keep it simple'​,'speak their language'​,'fewer options - fewer problem'​,'sustainability'​ etc.

My inner voice says Design is: 'Drawing Every Single Idea that Generates New dimension in DESIGN'​.

User Experience Design Intern @ Xerox Research Center India ,Bangalore & Elephant design and strategy ,Pune.

I also have 3.5 years of experience in development and support over Insurance Domain @ L&T Infotech.



+91 - 8762254019


1. Wire untangler.
2. Ergonomic footrest.
3. Decorative lamp design for DINK families.

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