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Siddhant Prasad

Areas of Interest

Industrial Design,Design Methodologies,Applied Ergonomics,Transportation Design,Packaging design

About me

In my opinion the challenge for a new age product designer is not to consistently produce good designs .It is to be consistently inspired and driven , and as result produce great designs. The last of Dieter Rams' principles of good design dwell on design being "as little design as possible".

It was a statement I wanted to understand right away as a fresh design student, but my past learning held me back and I was reluctant to agree with it. I'm glad I didn't accept it as it was because it took me a whole year of design education to learn it "the hard way". The prospect of experiencing the same through design practice is an opportunity too good to resist. Coming from a mechanical engineering background, I didn't think that design thinking and design expression would become the two biggest influences on my personal and professional growth. The challenges are always worth the time and effort and the results justify the learning that this profession has to offer.



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