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Bithul K

Areas of Interest

Areas of Interest: Design of Biomedical Devices and systems; Human computer interaction; New product development; Universal design;

About me

I am deeply fascinated and curious about understanding the ways in which science, technology, and environment effects and potentially enhances the quality of human experience and biological life in general. As a driven problem solver, I find design thinking (and design process) approach used in the product design and development to be of great impact in effectively identifying the right problems/needs and iterating towards the most optimal, sustainable, and innovative solutions. I believe in synergetic collaborations in a team delivers more than the individual and always strive to be a better team player and designer.



+91 - 9633254013


Majors Project: Intravenous Access Device;
Internship: Affordable Insulin Pump @ UTSAAH lab, IISc;
Ergonomic Hacksaw;
Multi-material FDM 3D printing (active mixing);
Mechatronic Board Game

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