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Dhadke Rahul Gulab

Areas of Interest

Industrial Design, Product Design,User Research and styling

About me

I am 23 years old, currently pursuing my master degree in product design. My keen is interest in industrial design, user research and product styling. Throughout my academic career I have been an avid learner , tinkerer and a team collaborator.



+91 - 9482481698


1. Home appliances project at Crompton (CGCEL)
2. COZY-Personalized Air-Conditioning Unit
3. EZpesa - A Portable e-Wallet-To design a system for easy cashless transactions for Indian population.
4. REVO-Cycling light-styling of cycle lights for tech savy people and fitness conscious.
5..Fibo-M-wall clock design
6. Inchworm Mechanism

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