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Areas of Interest

Consumer Products, Furniture, User Interface Design, Design Thinking

About me

Frank Gehry had once said, "If you know what you're gonna do in advance, then, you won't do it".
I am one of those keepers of such quotes, exploring various avenues as they come along and finding interests in them.
Design to me is probably persisting in the discomfort of 'Not Knowing', and exploring the ways how a definite product can have indefinite possibilities, if we observe, listen and speak to other people around.
And also, I'm perpetually high on good food, good music and good art. Wait, is there anything like bad art, at all?



+91 - 7406038787


Non-A/C Rake Window Latch Redesign (Concept), Concept Load carrying Aide for Construction Site Workers, CupID (Instant cup washing and vending machine)

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