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Tejas Mahadev

Areas of Interest

Product Design | Design Research | Design for XR | New Product Development | Product Strategy

About me

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1. Assistive Robotics for Severely Motor Impaired (Thesis Project) - Human Computer Interface
2. Visual Ergonomics of calligraphy and non calligraphy devanagari typeface for digital and print media - Design Research
3. Interactive and Sustainable Hand Washing with Soap Station - UNICEF National Hand Hygiene Hackathon
4. OrthoMedics: Physiotherapy Equipment - New Product Development
5. DeskBuddy: Robotic Toy for working adults - Product Strategy
6. Zombie Health: Digital Platform for Mental Health Counselling - UX Design
7. Woof: A dog health and nutrition tracking product - UX Design and Embodiment Design
8. Innovative Waste Bin - Creative Engineering Design

Past Experience
Product Design Intern at Mimyk Medical Simulations Pvt. Ltd
Product Design and Strategy Intern at Minigram Design Studio.
Research & Development Consultant for Polfrost Aircon Private Limited

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