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Vyom Sharma

Areas of Interest

Design Thinking, New Product Development, Experience Design and User Experience Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, IoT Mechatronics and AI enabled personal devices, Rapid prototyping and Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Design, Design strategy and Management

About me

For me designing is an art of providing the customers with a product they admire,which fulfill their needs and enhances their efficiency, and at the same time being vision driven and not deviated by instantaneous user needs. My Aim is to develop products with a radical approach for bringing a better output for the society, sustainable for the environment and profitable for the business. To achieve this,a combination of design thinking, advanced technologies and scientific principles, and entrepreneurial drive yields admirable results.




+91 - 8699382384


Past Experience:
1. Formula Student car for SUPRA SAE 2019.
2. RC Car and RC Glider
3. Dancing Robot
4. Automated bot for medical supplies in war fields
5. First Runner Up in UNICEF India and India Sanitation Coalition Product Design Challenge.
6. Magnetic Levitation train using solenoids and NdFeB4 Magnets
7. Category Winners in Siemens IISc SmartX Health Hackathon, making digital solution for improving the safety and health of MSME workers.
8. Sheet metal table lamp design and fabrication for Amada sheet metal precision fair, recognised by Amada, Japan in 2019.

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