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Tarun kumar

Areas of Interest

Systems Thinking and General System Theory, Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment, Design Research and TRIZ Theory, Game Theory

About me

Hi, I am an architect and designer who is interested in research. I have finished my B.Arch from SPA Delhi and my masters (M. Des) from IISc Bangalore. Currently I am pursuing PhD from CPDM, IISc Bangalore. I like teaching and would love to see myself as a Design Educator in the future. Two things which fascinates me are Gravity and 'the much unknown Nature'. I always ponder upon the fact that If a small pot can take so much effort in it's design and creation, How could Possibly, Such a vast universe be created on its own?.



+91 - 9483742547

Publications / Projects

Development of Self-Defence Devices for Women
Evaluating the effectiveness of occupancy sensors in net energy conservation: An integrated building life-cycle energy study.

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