May 15, 2023

Short-term Summer Programme’23 and Internship Programme’23 on Smart Manufacturing, Design Thinking, and Incubation at CPDM, IISc

The participants will get exposure to three prominent areas: Smart Manufacturing (SM), Design Thinking (DT) and Incubation.
The details of each are given below.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing refers to the widespread digitization of all manufacturing practices, from the factory floor to all aspects of business. This includes product design, supply chain, production, distribution, and sales.

As pioneers of research in the area of Industry 4.0, we at IISc have developed this smart factory as a standardized and interconnected production facility that can be used as a demonstrator as well as an R&D Platform.

In this Smart Factory, we have two contrasting platforms. One is an automation-Intensive platform for high-value manufacturing to showcase what networked automation can offer. The other one is a labour-Intensive platform for high impact manufacturing that uses smart solutions to empower labour in the majority of MSMEs. Each of these platforms will collect data from all interconnected tools, people, processes, resources and environment, and analyse these using advanced data analytics to help manufacturers enhance productivity, quality, flexibility, safety and resource utilisation. This combination of both automation and labour intensive platforms is unique, and special to the IISc Smart Factory!

Smart Factory Program exposure areas:

  • IIoT Solutions of Smart Manufacturing
  • Digitalised Legacy Machines and connected factory
  • Real-time dashboards for Smart Factory & MES
  • Digital simulation of product design, process design, plant design
  • Virtual factory and digital twin
  • Physical Automation of manufacturing- AGV path planning
Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a human-centred innovation process that brings designers’ principles, approaches, methods, and tools to problem finding and solving, and emphasises observation, collaboration, divergent and convergent thinking, visualisation of ideas and rapid concept prototyping. Overall, it fosters cognitive skills, behavioural skills, functional skills and technical skills. It is a way to bridge the gap between the current education system and the future requirements. Helping students think as designers can help them deal with difficult situations and solve complex problems in collage, in their careers, and life in general.


IISC is a unique design thinking process that is developed and validated by the researchers of esteemed university, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. IISC design thinking process consists of four, generic, iterative stages:

Stage 1: Identify Problems and Requirements
Stage 2: Ideate Solutions
Stage 3: Consolidate the Solutions into Tangible,
Testable and Effective Solutions
Stage 4: Select the Most Promising Solution

Salient features of the Design Thinking programme

  • The programme uses a blended learning method in which students are given digital tool access to complement the design activities.
  • The programme comprises both formative and summative evaluation frameworks.
  • Students get exposure under the monitoring of mentors.
  • The programme emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning.
  • The programme in DT stimulates creativity and critical thinking to encourage logical decision-making and innovation.
  • The programme helps imbibe human and constitutional values like empathy, scientific temper.
  • It helps develop interpersonal communication, teamwork, collaboration skills.

Technology Business Incubators (TBIs) are recognised by different names such as technology/business incubators, innovation/technology centres, science/research/technology parks, and business/seed accelerators. TBI intends to help entrepreneurs by providing the expertise, networks, and tools to make their ventures successful. Incubation programmes diversify economies, commercialise technologies, create jobs and create wealth.

CPDMED-Technology Business Incubator is set up to identify, incubate and nurture Startups by facilitating the translation of technology ideas, designs and innovation in various disciplines of science and engineering into solutions in the area of Medical Technology and Geriatric Healthcare with regulatory compliance and commercialisation for the benefit of the society.

CPDMED is one of few MedTech incubators with attached Pre Compliance Testing Facilities and especially one among just a couple of incubators with state of the art Human Engineering Factor/ Usability Testing Facilities

Incubation Program exposure areas:

  • Designers’ and Makers’ space
  • Environmental, Mechanical Testing Facility and Medical Simulation
  • Electromagnetic Interference/ Electromagnetic compatibility Facility
  • Usability testing facility

A Poster/flyer is available for download from this link. Please feel free to download, print and display this poster on your department premises for broader visibility of the Programme.

Programme Info:

Week 1 & 2: Smart Manufacturing

  • July 3- July 7, 2023
  • July 10- July 14, 2023

Week 3: Design Thinking

  • July 17- July 21, 2023

Week 4: Incubation

  • July 24- July 28, 2023

Mode of delivery: Offline (Physical)

Participation option:
Students who meet the eligibility requirements may participate in any or all of the three programmes.

Eligibility criteria:
Pre-final and final year Engineering/ Architecture/ Design students.

The Programme includes:

  • Exposure to Design Thinking Process, mentored guided experience with real world open ended problem solving, access to Design Thinking digital tools
  • Exposure to Smart Factory lab and technologies: Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, Additive Manufacturing, Robotics, Digital Twins, IoT, AR/VR, etc.
  • Exposure to Incubation and Testing Facilities.

Other Info:

  • The course completion and internship certificate will be awarded to student upon successful completion of the programme.

For programme related query

Information for Registration

Each individual who wishes to attend the summer programme must
register by paying the registration fee.

Registration Process (Registration is closed)

  • Select the programme
  • Calculate the registration fee
  • Pay registration fee (Payment can be made via net-banking transfer)
  • Fill out the registration form

Registration Fee:

Smart Manufacturing (2 weeks)   :INR 15,000 + 18% GST (Total INR 17,700)
Design Thinking (1 Week)                :INR 7500 + 18% GST (Total INR 8,850)
Incubation (1 Week)                            :INR 7500 + 18% GST (Total INR 8,850)

Possible combination of the course selection and its fee

Course combination fees
Smart Manufacturing + Design Thinking + Incubation 35,400 /-
Smart Manufacturing + Design Thinking 26,550 /-
Smart Manufacturing + Incubation 26,550 /-
Design Thinking + Incubation 17700 /-
Smart Manufacturing 17700 /-
Design Thinking 8850 /-
Incubation 8850 /-
  • The registration fee does not include food and accommodation
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration opens: 15 May 2023
Registration closes: 27 June 2023

Account details:

A/C NO.                        : SID2411001
Bank Name                 : HDFC BANK LTD Branch
Name                              : M G ROAD BENGALURU Branch, BENGALURU
IFSC Code                   : HDFC0000076

Mode of Payment: RTGS/NEFT*
*For transfer through Retail net banking for customers having HDFC Bank account, they have to login & go into Fund transfer tab à Transfer to eCMS virtual accounts & add above account no.

Online registration form is given here: