UTSAAH Laboratory

Universal Technology Solutions for Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Laboratory

About Us


Primary goal of the UTSAAH Laboratory @ CPDM, IISc is to develop affordable and accessible medical technology solutions for promoting universal healthcare. Starting from unmet clinical needs, user-centric design approach is used to develop novel device solutions. These solutions will be made available under open-access license terms with freedom to commercially utilize the innovations. Our IP policy is guided by our desire to maintain freedom to operate and deliver solutions for greater public good rather than monopoly of a few. Devices currently under development include – IV drip monitor, hearing aid integrated with speech therapy application, insulin pump for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (Artificial Pancreas) , feotal phonocardiography device, ambulatory BP measurement system and tele-ultrasound system for antenatal care. The lab aims to develop at least 25 open source healthcare solutions it next five years and contribute to the evolution of open-source,  open-licensed ecosystem for achieving affordable excellence in healthcare for all.