Affordances in Design

AIEDAM Special Issue, Summer 2015, Vol.29, No.3

Guest Editors: David C. Brown and Jonathan R.A. Maier

This special issue of AIEDAM will be devoted to invited papers concerned with Affordances in Design. It will examine their strengths and weakness, will survey their use, predict future use, and will make predictions about their integration with other design methods.

Affordances are usually considered to be ‘opportunities for action’ that are provided by an artifact. The classic example from physical or computer interface design is that a button affords a pushing action. Affordances relevant to designing can be considered to arise from user-artifact interactions as well as artifact-artifact interactions. Designing using affordances centers on keeping and reinforcing the desired affordances while eliminating or hiding the undesired affordances.

One challenge is that researchers often mean slightly different things by the term “affordance”, so we will ask that authors be careful to characterize exactly what they mean by the term in their work.

Please note that this is not an open call for papers, and that all contributions will be invited. Authors include: Don Norman, Georges Fadel, Jonathan Maier, Auke Pols, Phillip Cormier & Kemper Lewis, Yong Se Kim, Li Shu, and Thomas Stoffregen.

Suitable topics include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Design methods based on affordances.
  • Integrating affordances with other design methods.
  • Identifying relevant affordances.
  • Representing affordances.
  • Controlling desired and undesired affordances in designed artifacts.
  • Types of affordance.
  • Effectiveness of using affordances.
  • Relationships between affordance, function, and the ‘ilities.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed for style and content by several reviewers. As all the contributions have been invited, we do not expect to reject any papers.

Information about the format and style required for AIEDAM papers can be found here.

Inquiries about this special issue should be sent to the Guest Editors.

Please submit your paper through ScholarOne system online at: Your need to create an user account first if you are a new user. During your submission process, pay attention to the following two steps:

  • On Step 1 (Type, title & abstract): Select "Yes" for the "Special Issue" question.
  • On Step 5 (Details & comments): Select "Affordances in Design - Vol.29/3" for "Special Issue Name".
Important dates:
Intend to submit (Abstract & Title):As soon as possible
Submission deadline for full papers:1 March 2014:
Reviews due:20 May, 2014
1st review due to authors:15 June 2014
Revised paper due:15 August 2014
2nd review due to authors:1 November 2014
Re-revised paper due:15 December 2014
Final version due:1 February 2015
Issue due to publisher:1 March 2015
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