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AIEDAM: Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing is a journal intended to reach two audiences: engineers and designers who see AI technologies as powerful means for solving difficult engineering problems; and researchers in AI and computer science who are interested in applications of AI and in the theoretical issues that arise from such applications.

The journal publishes significant, original articles about AI theory and applications based on the most up to date research in all branches and phases of engineering. Suitable topics include analysis and evaluation, selection, configuration and design, manufacturing and assembly, and concurrent engineering. Specific subareas include cognitive modeling; creativity; learning; qualitative reasoning; spatial reasoning; graphics and modeling; constraints and preferences; style and brands; human-computer interaction; multimodal interaction; computational linguistics; design and process planning; scheduling; simulation; optimization; distributed teams and systems; multiagent applications; design rationale and histories; functional, behavioral, and structural reasoning; knowledge management; and ontologies.

In addition to the rapid publication and dissemination of unsolicited research papers, AIEDAM is committed to producing special issues on important, timely topics.

In addition to research papers, AIEDAM is also interested in comprehensive Review papers, as well as in Practicum papers that describe original, major applications of state-of-the-art AI techniques to important engineering problems, with enough details and explanation to help others build similar systems.

The journal is indexed in Compendex Plus, SciSearch, Research Alert, and CompuMath Citation Index.

Note that for papers concerning powerful, general-purpose techniques such as Neural Nets or Evolutionary computing, we specifically ask our reviewers to explain whether:

  1. this is a new version of that technique;
  2. this is a significant new result obtained using that technique; or
  3. a new approach to using that technique for Engineering.

In all cases a detailed evaluation is required, comparing the work to existing methods and research. We will not publish papers that describe "just another application" that have no generality.

A key purpose of AIEDAM is to provide the community with a forum for publishing high quality papers that can be cited as the basis for future work. Authors should connect their paper to the research in this community by referencing relevant work, such as papers published in AIEDAM.

Originality and copyright

To be considered for publication in AIEDAM a manuscript cannot have been published previously or be under review for publication elsewhere. Papers with multiple authors are reviewed with the assumption that all authors have approved the submitted manuscript and concur about its submission to AIEDAM. A Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be executed before an article can be published. Government authors whose articles were created in the course of their employment must so certify in lieu of copyright transfer. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from the copyright owners (authors, editors, and publisher) to reprint or adapt any previously published material included in their article. These permissions must be provided before an article can be published.