On the portion of the form to be transmitted anonymously to the author, please include comments about the paper's technical contribution to research or practice, its originality, its style and organization, the validity of the research methods, and specific suggestions regarding improvement or revision.

Note that you are reviewing and evaluating the manuscript as a research contribution. If it is not suitable as a research paper then please say so in your review, and why. However, if you think it describes an interesting application, with practical ideas and experiences that are worth sharing, then suggest in your review that it might be resubmitted as a shorter Practicum paper. Please offer additional review comments that might help them make it into a Practicum paper, and select "Practicum paper" on the review form.

Your confidential remarks to the editor should include recommendations about the suitability of the manuscript's topic for publication in this journal, as well as any special comments that will help the Editor interpret your review.

Please remember that the manuscript is a privileged communication; the data and findings are the exclusive property of the author(s).

Note that the policy of AI EDAM for any papers concerning powerful, general-purpose techniques such as Neural Nets or Evolutionary computing, is that we specifically ask authors and reviewers to explain whether this is:

  1. a new version of that technique;
  2. a significant new result obtained using that technique; or
  3. a new approach to using that technique for Engineering.

In all cases a detailed evaluation is required, comparing the work to existing methods and research. Reviewers should follow these guidelines. We will not publish papers that describe "just another application", where a method is tried with just one simple example -- there are a very large number of such papers already.

A key purpose of AIEDAM is to provide the community with a forum for publishing high quality papers that can be cited as the basis for future work. Authors should connect their paper to the research in this community by referencing relevant work, such as papers published in AIEDAM. The Reviewer's Evaluation Form includes a place to note how many AIEDAM papers are cited, as well as a place to suggest suitable extra references to AIEDAM papers.

If you cannot complete your review by the due date assigned please let us know immediately via email at aiedam@usc.edu. If you know a suitably qualified colleague who might review the paper, please include his or her name and contact information.

Please complete all the entries.

Thank you for playing an active role in maintaining the quality of the AI EDAM journal.