A Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be executed before an article can be published in AIEDAM. Government authors whose articles were created in the course of their employment must so certify in lieu of copyright transfer. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from the copyright owners to reprint any previously published material included in their article.

  • print the PDF or postscript form.
  • complete the form with your information.
  • add "Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing" as the journal name.
  • delete the phrase "and 50% of any proceeds from permission fees will be assigned to the contributors" from the policy statement on the second page.
  • make sure that it is signed and dated.
  • send it with the other information listed on the Final Submission Checklist, or FAX (or express mail) the completed form to the Editor immediately.

If you have problems with this then please let the Editor know immediately and a form will be express mailed or FAXed to you, but this may delay to the production process, so it needs to be avoided.