To assure rapid processing and publication of your manuscript, please submit a cover letter that includes the checklist.

If any content of your paper requires copyright permission, the cover letter must provide details of copyright permission obtained.

The final submission of your accepted manuscript should be submitted through AIEDAM ScholarOne website.

It must contain all of the material in the following checklist:

  • A Cover Letter as described above.
  • A signed Transfer of Copyright Agreement form.
  • An annotated list of responses to the reviews.
  • Two (2) printed copies of the final manuscript plus all the other material (e.g., figures, tables, biographies, keywords, etc.).
  • Two identical disks (a CD, not a ZIP disk), each containing files of all the material that you have provided.
  • A ZIP file, less than 10MB and emailed to the Editor, that contains files of all the material that you have provided.
  • Normally, only two files should be submitted on each disk: a text file and a figure file.
  • Note that the allowable text format is Word. LaTeX should only be used if there are numerous mathematical equations.
  • The text file contains all of the text for the title page, abstract, key words, the paper, bios, figure captions, and tables. They should not be broken into individual files. The figures must not be included in the text file.
    • A title page that includes (a) the article's full title; (b) the names and affiliations of all authors; (c) the name, mailing address, telephone number, and E-mail address of the corresponding author; (d) a short title of 40 characters or less; and (e) a list of the number of manuscript pages, tables, and figures.
    • An abstract ( <300 words; avoid abbreviations).
    • A list of up to 5 keywords or phrases that reflect the content and major thrust of the article.
    • The double-spaced text for the final manuscript.
    • Author biographies ( <100 words per author).
    • Each table used in the paper.
    • The text for the captions/legends of each figure.
    • A numbered list of Tables and of Figures.
  • The figure file contains all the figures, in order.
    • One figure per page.
    • Acceptable formats are MS Word, JPEG, TIFF, and PDF.
  • The reference and citation conventions, as outlined here and in every issue of the journal in the Instructions for Authors, must be observed.