Computational Design Synthesis

AIEDAM Special Issue, Summer 2014, Vol.28, No.3

Edited by: Matt Campbell & Kristina Shea

Computational Design Synthesis is a research area focused on approaches to design synthesis in product development. The area focuses on automated and semi-automated methods for a range of tasks focusing initially around synthesis, design generation, search and optimization. Goals of the research include 1) automatically generating a range of alternatives, 2) sparking creativity and innovation 3) automating tedious or time-consuming engineering tasks and 4) the academic curiosity in exploring the creative abilities of computational systems. Such research is typically ambitious in scope, demanding in terms of developmental and computational resources, and extensive in terms of related work. The work is based on artificial intelligence, mathematical programming, computational geometry, graph theory, engineering design science and cognitive science.

The guest editors hope the special issue will showcase the variety and capabilities of what is currently possible for computational system to create. Ideally, results are both human competitive and initiated with few assumptions or limited representations. Submitted papers may relate to specific problem domains or to generic methods or tools to enhance automated synthesis.


Contributions will be not more than 8 pages long in the AI EDAM format. A paper with only text and a length of 6500 words may fit that maximum; to include elements like tables and figures, the word count should be adjusted accordingly.

Review, feedback and discussion:

Authors are invited to submit names of suitable reviewers, such that discussions aimed at developing the paper may be integrated in the review phase.

All submissions will be anonymously reviewed by at least three reviewers. The selection for publication will be made on the basis of these reviews.

Information about the format and style required for AIEDAM papers can be found here.

Inquiries about this special issue should be sent to the Guest Editors.

Please submit your paper through ScholarOne system online at: Your need to create an user account first if you are a new user. During your submission process, pay attention to the following two steps:

  • On Step 1 (Type, title & abstract): Select "Yes" for the "Special Issue" question.
  • On Step 5 (Details & comments): Select "Computational Synthesis - Vol.28/3" for "Special Issue Name".
Important dates (updated on 6/12/2012):
October 1 2012:Deadline for authors to express interest in contributing
March 1 2013:Deadline for authors to submit first full drafts of papers
May 20 2013:Reviews due
June 1 2013:Notification and reviews due to authors
September 1 2013:Deadline for authors to submit revised drafts of their papers
November 1 2013:Notification and reviews due to authors
December 1 2013:Deadline for authors to submit final drafts of their papers
Summer 2014:Publication as AI EDAM Vol.28, No.3
Guest editors:

Please direct all enquiries and submissions to the guest editors:

Dr. Matt Campbell
Mechanical Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Email: mc1 @

Dr. Kristina Shea
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering
ETH Zurich
Email: kshea @