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Autonomous mobile robot & Cobot system collaborating with Industrial robotic arm for material handling
Cobot & Autonomous Vehicle Coordination
Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Project: Collaborative Motion Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robots and Cobots in Industry 4.0 

With versatile advantages, Cobots and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are finding itself as a critical component in the manufacturing industry to bring down CoP (Cost of operation), boost overall efficiency and productivity. A high amount of flexibility is seen by incorporating "the Human and the Robots" together in the manufacturing industry. Objective is to study human collaborative task planning solutions for autonomous robots in structured and dynamic manufacturing environment. Some popular motion planning solutions like Rapidly exploring Random Tree [RRT] algorithm, Vector Field Histogram [VFH] techniques etc. are compared during Cobot manipulation and AMR navigation in such environments with human presence. Multi-agent motion planning solutions like leader follower and multi-robot collision avoidance solutions are being tested. Performance of the motion planning algorithm was measured using merits of obstacle detection & avoidance. Novel planning and control methods are proposed to improve the robot navigation targeting least on-board energy for travelling from the start to finish point without affecting operational time.


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