Social Robotics

Social Interaction with the Robot Interface
Social robotics experiment set up

Project: Demonstrating Social Robotics 

Social robot behaviors are developed to improve real-time communication and facilitate user-friendliness between Robot and Human users. Objective is to include robots as an augmented technology to human society by demonstrating effective communication and task execution. It establishes human interaction with a robot using modalities like speech and vision to work along the human expectations. Experiments are conducted to explore Human Robot Interaction (HRI) at the Indian Institute of Science Open Day. The set of experiments studies and analyses the effectiveness of a multifunctional desktop robot’s interaction with humans using Natural Language Processing. The 3 DoF serial manipulator robot translates audio commands from a human user conversation to do color-based object selection, write user’s name with a greeting, entertain by producing a dance sequence for a musical track. Feedbacks from the human participants have been recorded for analyzing the efficacy of the HRI system. A statistical model is developed to evaluate the performance of the robotic system during the experiments.

Article(s):  Kaushik B., Abhra Roy Chowdhury “Experiment of Social Robot Collaboration (SRC): Vision-based Object Segmentation, Localization and Segregation in a Public Interaction Event, 2021 (Under Review)

Videos: Social Robotics Demonstration at IISc Click here.